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When I trade in my vehicle does the Herrnstein Auto Group dealership transfer my registration for me or do I have to go to the BMV?
You have to go to the BMV. We physically take the plates off your old vehicle and place them on the purchased vehicle. It can take up to 30 days to receive your Memorandum Title (White Title) and once received you will take it to the BMV to transfer your tags. If you choose not to transfer your current license plates to your new vehicle, you receive a 30-Day (Temporary) Tag. You will need to take the Memorandum Title to the BMV to get your New License Plates.
** Note, once the Memorandum Title is in your name, you cannot be issued another 30-Day Temporary Tag.

How often should I bring my vehicle in for routine maintenance to maintain the warranty?
Manufacturer recommendations vary by vehicle. At Herrnstein Auto Group, we recommend every 5000 mile intervals due to the benefits of that particular interval. If a 3000 mile interval is recommended, you would need to rotate your tires every other oil change to allow for even wear on your tires. This may be difficult to remember when the tires were rotated and also an added expense that wasn't expected at the time of your appointment. The 5000 mile interval allows you to change your oil and rotate your tires every time, keeping the service visits more consistent. On the flip side, other manufacturers suggest every 7500 mile intervals, but you really can't have your oil changed too much and the 5000 mile interval gives an added mileage allowance for those of us that struggle to get our oil changed done in a timely manner. We feel the 5000 mile interval is the perfect solution to both sides of the spectrum.

When I trade my vehicle in and owe more than the trade-in value, does Herrnstein Auto Group pay off my car or do I need to take care paying off my balance?

Yes, we always pay off your vehicle when you trade a vehicle in to us. It does not matter what type of vehicle it is or how much you owe on the vehicle. If you would owe less on your vehicle than the trade-in value, we can either apply the balance to your new purchase or write a check back to you for the difference. If you owe more than the trade-in value, the difference will be applied to the balance of the new purchased vehicle.

When I purchase a vehicle from Herrnstein Auto Group, do you offer financing options or do I need to secure financing on my own?
Herrnstein Auto Group can and will provide Financing or Leasing Options for any individual or business with approved credit.

If I find a new vehicle at another dealership, can Herrnstein Auto Group get that vehicle and sell or lease it to me?
Yes, if it's a brand new vehicle, we can do that as long as it's a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Kia or Hyundai. If it is a pre-owned vehicle, it can be any make or model.

Where can I drop my vehicle and keys off on my way to work for service if the dealership is not open?
Each Herrnstein location offers a key drop box. We provide an envelope that you will need to complete, put your keys in, and drop it through the night drop slot in the door. Please be sure to include your contact phone number on the outside of the envelope.

Should I arrive for my service appointment early to complete any necessary paperwork?
No, it is not necessary for you to arrive early. We schedule service appointments in 20 minute intervals to reserve your appointment time with your personal service consultant.  

Why are vehicle repairs and routine maintenance more expensive at the dealership than other local shops?
Actually, this is a common myth. Our dealership prices are very comparable (and many times less expensive) to local independent shops. At Herrnstein Auto Group, we guarantee a Factory Certified Technician, that is familiar with your vehicle, will be performing the repairs and service on your vehicle. We also take this opportunity to complete a FREE multi-point safety inspection on your vehicle for your peace of mind. If the technician finds something that needs to be brought to your attention, your personal service consultant will notify you of the suggested repairs and costs.

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